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Testimonial *Good day ! May I say, even the day after as leftovers Smokey Hill's BBQ is Comfy food YUM!
I always miss out on Friday luncheon, this time a plate was saved for me and it made for a hearty Saturday breakfast..
The flavor truly stands up to your name SMOKY.
And please tell me that a Nanna made the Mac-n-Cheese, its addicting!
Thank yall so much!.

August 26, 2017  

We catered our monthly luncheon with Smokey Hills and was the best BBQ I have had! EVERYONE loved it! We catered for about 50 people and everything was perfect. We got the pulled pork and chicken. Everything was delicious! Everyone wanted me to schedule Smokey Hill's for our next month's luncheon too! The customer service was excellent; friendly, professional, and caring! They had no problem catering all the way out here in Ponte Vedra! If you are going to cater a business event, I would absolutely recommend Smokey Hill's BBQ!!

February 2, 2017  

Our company ordered Smokey Hill's BBQ for our monthly employee luncheon. We had about 50 people attend. It was a perfect choice. The pulled pork was the best, everyone LOVED it! Everyone said that we need to cater with them next month too! I had a lot of compliments on their Hickory Honey BBQ sauce too; that was SO good!! It was probably the best BBQ sauce I have ever had! If you plan on catering for your next company gathering, I would recommend Smokey Hill's BBQ!! They even delivered everything way out here in Ponte Vedra! Very good customer service: friendly, professional, and caring!

February 2, 2017  

I catered Smokey Hill's BBQ for about 80 people at my work. Everything was juicy and tasted delicious! We plan on using Smokey Hill's BBQ for our Monthly Company Luncheon.

December 28, 2016  

I catered an important work even today with over 60 people attending. Smokey Hill's BBQ was the perfect choice. They made it so easy from the ordering to the delivery. Everything I ordered was perfectly cooked and seasoned. We received so many compliments. I will not hesitate to have other events catered. Thank you Smokey Hills for making my event a huge success!

November 21, 2016